Anne Christina Bianchi

Instagram: @makeupbyannechristina


The first question I am often asked is “How did you get into this?” This meaning makeup artistry. The question is one I had to actually ask myself a few times and there isn’t a clear-cut answer. My very first experience falling in love with makeup was at age 14 when I walked into a Sephora store. I literally did not want to leave and I also wanted an unlimited credit card! The only thing I could afford at the time was an absolutely amazing mascara ( I still use the same brand 13 years later!). I am currently a full-time teacher in Virginia Beach and my schedule allows for additional time to explore things I love such as makeup. The true moment was on a walk with my chocolate lab, Beau, and my Mom. It was a sunny Sunday and my Mom was asking about my evening and I told her how a friend had asked me to do their makeup for an event and she blurted out, “Why aren’t you pursuing this?” I was perplexed for the moment and asked myself the same question. I decided to do some research and see what becoming a makeup artists entailed and I came up Kim Porter. Kim is the owner of Kim Porter Beauty and The Makeup Studio of Virginia Beach and she truly became a mentor and trained me to achieve the looks many clients desire. I am currently an independent contractor for her which allows me to pursue new clients and broaden my scope.

So this brings me to where I am today and my true reason for navigating through the world of makeup artistry is I find happiness in enhancing the natural beauty of others; to make their confidence soar and see it shine through their smile at the end of a makeup session.  




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